Seduction in Sedona      

Under a perfect blue Arizona sky, while picnicking along a hiking trail beneath majestic Cathedral Rock in Red Rock State Park, Gary paused after two bites of lunch.  "Let's go for a walk, it's too nice to waste time eating." Lindsay, suspicious since Gary never leaves a meal unfinished, let alone a first course, slowly got up to follow Gary, who by now was already walking away along the narrow trail.  After a few seconds, Gary abruptly stopped and wheeled around, almost knocking a two-ton boulder over the adjacent ridge. Just as suddenly, he blurted out a proposal, the rare Arizona air obviously going to his head.  Completely surprised, Lindsay was at a loss for words when out of the corner of her eye she noticed a blinding beam of light coming from the direction of Gary's hands.  She looked down to see a blazing diamond in the ring Gary was holding and finally, catching her breath, shouted "of course I will," the echo reverberating endlessly across the vast canyon below.


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